PEEK Valve Plate

PEEK Valve Plate
PEEK Valve Plate

Ashwin Engineering Works. molds engineered plastic materials used in the reciprocating compressor industry. These materials include Nylon, PEEK™, MT , Carbon PEEK  and other proprietary blends. Blank sizes are held to close tolerances and pass several quality checks to exceed customer requirements. Over one hundred different blank sizes are currently available. 

The main advantages of polymer plates & rings over metallic are as follows:

Heat resistance to impact fatigue
Ability to operate at higher lifts
High tolerance to dirt, liquids & chemicals
Reduced wear to valve seat & guard
Improved sealing capabilities
AEW offers non-metallic valve plates & rings or blanks

Manufactured to exact size
High stock availability
One source for all your Peek, Nylon & Mid-Temperature valve plates
AEW  has extensive experience & capabilities to manufacture and mold thermo-plastic blanks & valve plates in the following materials:

Glass Filled Peek,
Carbon Filled Peek
Glass Filled Natural & Yellow Nylon
Glass Filled Mid-Temperature Material