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Walmart Interesting Unknown Facts and Statistics

Walmart Interesting Unknown Facts and Statistics
Walmart Interesting Unknown Facts and Statistics

When Walmart launched in 1962, it did so without a logo. For the first two years, when the Walmart name appeared in print, the font and style were chosen at the whim of the printer.

Wal-Mart averages a profit of $1.8 million every hour

35 million people shops at Walmart every day, which is same as population of Canada

Walmart’s $316 billion US retail sales exceeds those of Kroger, Target, Costco and Walgreens combines

Average Walmart supercenter sells 1,40,000 individual items

Walmart opened 4 to 5 new stores every week In 2012

Walton family is worth $150 billion which is  as much as warren buffett, bill gates and Michael Bloomberg

Between 1962 and 2002,  the no. of retail stores in US declined 55%

Walmart’s top selling item in 2012 was Banana

Walmart’s net sales wwere $466 billion in 2012 which  is more than Argentina’s gdp

Walmart has 2.2 million employees, more than population of Houston

If Walmart would be a country, it would be 26th largest economy in the world

If Walmart were an army, it would have the second largest military in the world, behind China.

The average family of four spends over $4,000 a year at Walmart.

Each week, Walmart serves more than 200 million customers at more than 10,400 stores in 27 countries.

China's exports to Walmart accounted for 11 percent of the growth of the total U.S. trade deficit with China between 2001 and 2006.

Walmart parking lots alone take up an area roughly the size of Tampa, Florida.

If Walmart's more than 900 million square feet of retail space were spread out over one place it would take up roughly 34 square miles, which is about 1.5 times the size of Manhattan.

in 2000, Walmart was sued 4,851 times, or about once every 2 hours.

90 percent of all Americans live within 15 miles of a Walmart.

The Walton family has given away about 2 percent of its net worth to charity — Bill Gates is giving away 48 percent of his net worth and Warren Buffet 78 percent of his net worth.

The most frequent destination typed into GPS device Telenav is Walmart.

Roughly 4,700 (about 90 percent) of international stores operate under a banner other than Walmart, including Walmex in Mexico, Asda in the UK, Seiyu in Japan, and Best Price in India.

more than 78% of Americans shop at Walmart.


Of that number around 800,000 of Walmart employees work in international stores.

It’s reportedly the biggest seller of organic milk in the world and the biggest buyer of organic cotton globally.

It turns out you can pick up just about anything at Walmart, including a wife. Customer Wayne Brandenburg had been shopping at his local Walmart for years when he laid eyes on cashier Susan. After flirting at the check-out and visiting her several times a week, the couple got engaged. The wedding location? Walmart of course. The wedding cake was even from the store’s bakery.

In 2000, Walmart was sued a whopping 4,851 times -- that’s an average of more than 13 new lawsuits each day.

Walmart is reportedly the top solar customer in the U.S., having already installed 260 solar projects on store rooftops -- which can provide as much as 30% of the power used by that facility. Walmart says it has already saved more than $5 million on its energy bill.

 For six years Hilary Clinton also served on the board.

Walmart continues to grow. In the last five years it’s experienced a $60 billion revenue growth.

Walmart’s 2015 revenue was a whopping $482 billion. Those kind of profits make the company richer than many countries, including South Africa, $317.3 billion; United Arab Emirates, $339.1 billion;, Norway, $397.6 billion; Belgium, $458.7 billion; and Sweden, $483.7 billion.

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