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Free Website Traffic : SEO Tips and Links Sharing Building Online Free

Free Website Traffic : SEO Tips and Links Sharing Building Online Free
Free Website Traffic : SEO Tips and Links Sharing Building Online Free

Free Website Traffic : here we are showing how to increase traffic to your website for free tools and SEO tips.

There are billions of website are there on the web. And millions are coming into market every week.

But do you know? There are 71% website with less than 2000 Visitors a Month means they are having  less than 100 Views a day!

Only 29% of website are having good traffic to there website. Which you can call it cool websites right?

Here we are showing the Tricks to Increase Website Traffic.


Step 1: SEO Friendly Genuine Content Writing 

Google or any search engine required a genuine copy free content.

Let’s think in Logical way. What is Search engine’s real job? Its to show right information from the web. Now think how google’s algorithm will do it.

Its will first check the content is genuine or copied from another website.



Step 2 : Content Length

Content length is also key aspect for SEO. It is must to have minimum length of 300 words of content for Good SEO. But I personally recommend more than 700 words and 2000 latter.



Step 3 : Social Sharing

Social media sharing is must for any article’s traffic increase. Like Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIN etc.

These social media platforms can give you initial boost up.



Step 4 : Link Building

Build your website’s link on others websites. Like, comment on the related article’s comment section bellow. It may or may not generate your backlinks.



Step 5 : Guest Blogging

Many website gives the facility to blog. Write a blog on this platforms and link it to your website’s article.

Now an obvious question comes to your mind that which are the best website for guest blogging. 

There are many websites like Blogger.com and Wordpress.com but I recommend the best website for Guest Blogging maffat.com.

In maffat.com you can write a blog regarding your article and redirect it to your article.



Step 6 : View Exchange

View exchange is cool concept of traffic. There are many frauds in the online market. So you may waste your time and efforts by registering in useless websites.

We recommend again maffat.com for link sharing and views exchange.

Simple steps for exchanging views 1st register with mailid in maffat.com, past your link on link segment, now view some links shown in “link to visit” section. It’s done.

Maffat.com’s system delivers the same views as you visited. Cool right?



Benefits of maffat.com’s View Exchange Concept :

Real Human Visitors

Maffat gives Real traffic from real people that is trackable by Google Analytics, Jetpack, goo.gl, bit.ly, and more. No bots are there on maffat. Its secured.


Boost Your Alexa Rank

Alexa rank is a site's traffic rank compared to all other sites on the web. The lower your rank, the more business!


Increase Website Value

Getting lots of visitors will bring more value to your website. Your website could be worth 10-50 times more, By having such a fantastic traffic.


Lower Bounce Rate

Reduce your bounce rate by 50%-60% or more! We send you the most active users on our network who are likely to view more than one page before leaving your websites.


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